Palisades Park is on a bluff overlooking Santa Monica Beach. There are plenty of benches and shady places to rest, and a two-mile paved path that weaves among the palm trees. The Palisades Park Shuffleboard Club and the Senior Citizens Recreation Center are near Broadway. Most of the park is wheelchair accessible, but there are steep slopes where California Avenue bisects the park, and occasional cross-slopes throughout the park. Overpasses across Pacific Coast Highway to the beach have stairs at each end.

A Visitor Assistance Stand on the west side of Ocean Avenue at Arizona Street (open from 10 to 4) has free maps and brochures, film, and postcards. The counter is very high, but you can get service at the back door.


There are restrooms with large wheelchair-accessible stalls with handrails, raised toilets, and low hand dryers at San Vicente Boulevard, Idaho Avenue, and California Avenue.