The 1,300-foot Venice Pier, built in 1963, was falling to pieces by the 1980s. It was closed and scheduled for demolition in 1986. Venice residents rallied to the cause, and after years of perseverance the pier was restored and reopened in 1997. The restored pier is fully accessible, with special cutouts for fishing from wheelchairs.


The Spokes and Blades shop near Washington Street has a recumbent three-wheel bicycle for rent.


There is one accessible restroom near Windward Avenue, and another near Brooks Avenue. The door at the Brooks Avenue restroom opens directly to the outdoors and there is no lock.


Parking can be difficult at Venice Beach. If you find a space on the street, you’re lucky. Otherwise try for a blue space in the lots at Washington Street or Rose Avenue. There is also a blue space on the north corner of Pacific Avenue at Washington Street.