In this small park half a mile south of the Santa Monica Pier, lawns and yucca plants surround a picnic area shaded by a wooden trellis. Picnic tables are accessible through four-foot-wide openings in the low wall.

A smooth wooden boardwalk begins at the restrooms near the parking entrance and runs about halfway across the beach. It is less crowded than the one north of the Santa Monica Pier. A paved boardwalk with separate lanes for pedestrians and bikers and skaters runs several miles through the park.


The restroom at the north end of the parking lot has one narrow, poorly accessible stall with hand rails and a raised toilet. Restrooms at the south end are not accessible.


Blue spaces are at the seaward side of the parking lot. There are occasional breaks in the curb between the parking lot and the bike and pedestrian paths. There is also short-term parking in the two south beach lots. Metered parking can be found on Ocean Avenue and Bay Street, but there’s a steep hill on Bay Street leading to the park.