Hermosa Beach has two miles of beach with a flat stretch of the South Bay Bicycle Trail, a pier, and a pleasant shopping district. A wheelchair-riding resident told us “everybody comes here to work out,” so work out we did. With a pair of rented rollerblades and a manual chair, we took a swift 12-wheel cruise on the trail. Bicyclists and joggers were respectful company, and pedestrians kept the overall speed down. One mile south of the pier, the trail leaves the beach and becomes a bike lane on a busy street with a cross-slope. About .75 mile north of the pier (just before Manhattan Beach) the trail is interrupted by steps. (See Public Transportation for detours.)

Hermosa Beach Municipal Pier at the end of Pier Avenue is popular for fishing because it’s longer than many others on Santa Monica Bay.


There are blue spaces in the parking garage on 13th Street. Ramps to the restrooms are steep, and the stalls have only minor access modifications. The first restroom building west of the pier has a large stall with grab bars. There are front transfer stalls in the restroom building at 22nd Street.